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Product Description:

Bundera Rita Baby Hand Walker-Safe Baby Walking Assistant

Baby's body-hugging ergonomic design Babies and Parents That Product Bundera Rita Baby Hand Walker!
A mother father for her baby first steps, began to walk "HE First Moment" are very exciting.
Your baby is such a special main Bundera prepare with Rita Baby Hand Walker!

6-16 monthly your baby to walk öğretmek has never been so easy. Unifies babies and yürümesine the great helper!

Give your baby to walk in a healthy way teach. Babies in some cases to walk late could learn.
In this case your baby training yaptırmanız is very important for the development of the leg muscles.
Zira leg muscle strong non-baby, stand up kalkmakta forced and coerced to stay up again at hissedince denemeyecektir.

Muscle structure regeneration and enough power to reach the level of walking With your exercises Bundera Baby Hand Walker yapabilir
So both your baby strengthened not grind on yourself as well.
Use and carry a practical product. Katklandığında sleeve in portable.

30 degree obtained and machine washable

Product material:

100 cotton material

Product dimensions:

80cm x 45cm x 33cm

Package content:

1 pcs Bundera Rita Hand Walker








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