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250,90 TL
products.sku 086-4552-002
products.manufacturer Bundera , Modakids , modakids
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Product Description:

Bundera Drop Swing children oscillation, living, climbing, grip, relaxation, capabilities geliştireceği
Ideal design is your self confidence with ensuring balance abilities.
Also a fun and enjoyable product.

İçve outdoor picnic, and in the garden is a product you can create a wonderful play area in Your House.

Bundera Angel swing 5 to 17 age group prepared for children use.

The product is completely board sent.

Package content:

Bundera drop swing:1 pcs
Adjustable strap harness:1 pcs
Carabiner (strap hook):1 pcs
Steel dubel:1 pcs

Product dimensions:

Swing space:45x60
Top Rod Length:45cm
Seat Material:100 Coton
Maximum load:80 kg
Height:Floor 30 cm height less than 180cm