Smoked Seasonal Hooded Female Child 2 li Suit

94,90 TL
products.sku 037-508-058
products.manufacturer Modakids
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4-5 years old: Bust: 35cm Top Length: 45cm Pants Length: 62cm
5-6 years old: Chest: 36cm Top Length: 46cm Pants Length: 65cm
6-7 years old: Bust: 37cm Top Length: 47cm Pants Length: 68cm
7-8 years old Chest: 38cm Top Length: 48cm Pants Length: 73cm
8-9 years old: Bust: 39cm Top Length: 49cm Pants Length: 76cm
9-10 years old: Bust: 40cm Top Length: 50cm Pants Length: 79cm
10-11 years old: Bust: 41cm Top Length: 51cm Pants Length: 81cm
11-12 years old: Bust: 42cm Top Length: 52cm Pants Length: 84cm

Product Description:

Long Sleeve Hooded Embroideried Zipper It Should Cover suit top
With pockets Legs Ribanalı Embroidered Team Bottom

Package Includes:

Suit Bottom, Suit Top

Product Content:

Main Fabric:90 cotton-10 of Elastane
Product Type:Suit








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