Home Garden Decor Bicycle Model Room Chandelier Light Sturdy Metal Pendant Lamp Perforje Lamp Kids Room Modern Stylish Models

360,90 TL
products.sku 086-4551-038
products.manufacturer Modakids , Bundera , modakids
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Product Description:

Living room, Living Room, Bed room, Kitchen, Dining table, Children and Young Room, Southamerican, can be used for decorative elegant look at restaurants. Bundera Metal Bicycle Chandelier Simetrisi therefore with decorative and modern luminaire E27 LAMPHOLDER MAXİMUM 60 Watt Bulb use (Bulb is not included in the Price) Product Dimensions: Pendant Length: 65 cm Lamp holder Number: 2 Pcs E27 Bicycle Size: 57cm X 35cm X 25cm Weight: 1300gr Package Includes: 1 pcs Bundera Metal Bicycle Chandelier


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