Blue Bundera Kids Baby Sleeping Swing Wooden Hammock Cradle Swing

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Product description:

It can be used from newborn to 4-6 age group depending on the development of the child.

.Bundera Kids Baby Sleeping Swing is designed to be used in two different ways as hammock, cradle and swing by changing the height of the back part.

Thanks to this different use, your baby will be able to fall asleep easily after being shaken.

The Bundera Kids Swing, which uses 100% Cotton Duck fabric that has liquid sliding feature and does not stain, has a carrying capacity of 60 kg.

The cushion prepared with 100% Cotton on the inside is made with 1st class bead fiber filling and sent with the product.


Washing instructions:

It can be machine washed and ironed easily with a detergent that does not contain bleach and without spinning at .30 degrees.


Product Dimensions:

Length: 90cm

Width: 45cm

Inner depth: 30cm


Package Included:

1 steel dowel

1pc carabiner hook

6 mm silk rope (5 meters long 2X 10 meters in total)

1 Bundera Kids Baby Sleeping Swing

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