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Product Description:

Bundera wise Wood Spring Hoppy Hammock Cradle Whoops Ceiling Hanging Swing Baby Bed Iskota Wire Rope
Wooden Spring Hoppy Hammock

Wooden Spring Hoppy Hammock Cradle your baby with asleep much more fast dalacaktır. Wooden Spring Hoppy Hammock, your best assistant.
Your baby more long time and comfortable sleep sleep, but also healthy sleep with the development of aids.

Wooden Spring Hoppy Hammock both "Up-Down movement of" as well as "Right-to-Left" movement through will provide to unifies babies and more comfortable;
Wooden Spring Hoppy Hammock Cradle, spring mechanism through rhythmic movement sağlayarak babies sleep and gas problemini addresses

Baby Cradles with relevant research babies vision and hearing duyularının as well as weight is also help to show.
Bebeğiniz asleep after daldıktan Wood Baby Hammock Cradle at yatmaları bed alışkanlığı acquire are important.

Wooden Spring Hoppy Hammock Cradle Features:
-Fabric parts 100 Cotton Gabardindir and washable.
-Suitable for use by the age of two from birth.
-Maximum 20Kg bearing capacity.
-Product Net Weight 7Kg.
-Ergonomic design and 1 minutes easy installation
-Supported with 2 pcs Steel spring spring mechanism beşiğinizin up down to move at.
-Both "Up-Down movement of" as well as "Right-to-Left" movement through unifies babies and more comfortable allows you to.
-Not occupy space in the trunk. Your car you can take it anywhere

NOTE:Wooden Spring Hoppy Hamağın spring located at the safety belt absolutely don't remove. For baby's safety is important.

Package Includes:
-1 pcs Wood Spring Hoppy Hammock
-1 pcs Steel Dowel
-2 pcs Steel spring
-1 pcs Spring seat belt

Product dimensions:

Length: 90 cm
Width: 40 cm
Pendant Length: 250 cm







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